What Is An Incognito Mode? And Why It’s Not As Private As You Think

When we are using the internet and browsing the web world, our privacy is not safe. The internet browser can track our browsing history and data. But browsers offer an incognito mode that helps us hide our data from the trackers. But there are a lot of questions about the incognito mode of the browser and its working procedure. 

Incognito Mode – Introduction

In today’s world, a company having online existence always looks to protect customer’s data. It is an international standard as well as a basic need of the customers. While browsing the internet, there are a lot of sites that we don’t need on our computers. But, whenever we visit a website by using a browser, it saves the history on our computer. 

Every famous browser today offers a private mode. This mode is available in Google Chrome as the Incognito mode. While in the other browsers as a private mode. Incognito mode allows us to use the internet secretly. So, you can browse without having a fear of tracking. But there are details behind the private mode of a browser.

The function of Incognito Mode

The incognito mode of your browser helps to save your data privacy when you search on the web. In this function, your browsing data will not be saved on the computer. Thus, it is not possible to get the data later. During the incognito mode, the browser will not save log-in details, visited pages, and cookies. 

But the files that you download while using incognito mode will be saved on the computer. If you use the private method to protect your data from everyone, it will not be possible. This incognito mode is not confidential. 

Privacy of Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode

You may think that incognito mode is the best solution for data protection. But things are different. An incognito mode doesn’t save you from hackers, and they can easily track your data and other info. Further, your ISP is also tracking your history at all the time. If you are using the incognito mode, your ISP will be able to track your data. 

Incognito mode is the best option when using the internet on a public computer or your friend’s computer. In this way, you can keep your history private. But it is not the ideal situation to save yourself from hackers and even your ISP. 

Furthermore, as you log in to a social media site using Incognito mode, those sites start saving your data. Although when you finish a private session, your data and cookies will not hold on your computer. But the social media sites will be able to keep track at their end. Thus, the primary purpose of data privacy cannot fulfill. 

We use Incognito mode to search on Google when we don’t want it to affect our settings. But if we sign into Google while using Incognito mode, Google saves the search for later. Due to this reason, Google came under a lot of fire due to data privacy issues. 

We need to note a point for office employees as well. If you use incognito mode on an office network, your employer can see all the search history and internet usage. The incognito mode can’t provide you with data privacy despite a general belief. 

Methods of browsing Privately

Despite the lack of privacy from conventional browsers, there are a lot of methods through which we can get privacy. Some third-party software and extensions hide your data from most users on the net. VPN Super Unlimited proxy is the top option that we can use to hide our ID and data on the net. 

Secure VPN hides a user’s location. It also changes your IP address and blocks the computer from saving cookies or browsing history. As the name suggests, VPN super creates a virtual private network for the users. When we use websites like Facebook and Twitter, these sites track the data that we browsed from other websites. Later, the social media sites change their ads as per your activity. 

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy hides your activity from social media sites. So, in this way, you can have the personal freedom you deserve while using the internet. There is a point to note before selecting a VPN Super for your regular browsing. Some of the VPN providers keep track of your internet data, history, and cookies. You can find this information about the VPN Super Unlimited Proxy in advance on the VPN website. 

VPN and Identity Theft

 Identity theft is the most common problem that we can face on the internet. This happens most of the time due to privacy problems. The exposed internet data is the cause of hackers’ attacks on most computers. Thus, leaving a lasting financial impact on the users. 

VPN is the solution to the identity theft problem. A virtual private network helps you against thieves by hiding your data. VPN Super Unlimited proxy creates a tunnel for your data. This tunnel sends and receives your data without exposing it to hackers. Thus, making safe internet use for you. 

It would be best if you used VPN in the cell phones due to a specific reason. We all have a Wi-Fi option in our smartphones, and we rarely turn it off. So, due to this reason, Wi-Fi exposes our smartphones to hackers due to constant connection. To save us from hackers, it is better to have a Secure VPN on our phones. 

By using a VPN Super Unlimited Proxy, you can hide your info and protect them from hackers. We should note here that no matter how safe and Secure VPN system you are using, you are not 100 percent safe. But a VPN  helps you to save your data to the max level. Thus, helping you use the internet without any fear of exposing your info to hackers.