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Virtual Private Networks have gone a long way. Initially, they emerged as complicated corporate systems that required full-fledged IT administrators to manage. Then, decades of progress and development have brought VPN technology to where it is now – elaborated, intuitive, and reliable solutions for personal use.

But even as self-explanatory as VPNs are now, there is still enough depth and potential hidden within them. Sure thing, most netizens already know well to use a VPN to protect their data and online privacy. However, this is far from the only applications for the technology that a person can benefit from. Today, VPN Super Unlimited Proxy team is going to teach you how to use VPN services to their fullest extent! What are the best tips for using a VPN? How to get most of VPN?  Let’s check it out.

Best VPN tip №1. Bypass geo-blocking and enjoy internet freedom

Users are usually somewhat familiar with this aspect of VPN technology, but it’s so useful it’s still worth mentioning. Sometimes, the content you need might be censored for political reasons (see our piece on VPN blockades). And sometimes, it comes as the result of a corporate decision (think YouTube’s “this video is unavailable in your country”).

Whatever the reason for such restrictions, VPN is the perfect solution for such problems. By choosing a foreign VPN server, you can get access to websites and services that are blocked in your country. For instance, see our articles on:

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VPN tip №2. Get more options for the same price

Some companies, like streaming media or telecom services, set up exclusive deals with content creators. Or, certain contracts can limit media providers’ rights to distribute content to certain locations. For example, with Netflix, depending on your location, the range of shows available to you may swing drastically. US Netflix offers the widest selection of movies and TV shows. Turn on KeepSolid VPN Unlimited and easily access Netflix outside the US to enjoy its rich media library.

Best VPN tips

So naturally, switching VPN servers is likely to provide you with ever more options to choose from. And what’s awesome – you won’t have to pay a cent more for additional streaming subscriptions or anything like that!

Best VPN tip №3. Have same options for a better price

As you can see from the previous section, some companies basically have to restrict their users, and wouldn’t have done that if there wasn’t for some kind of obligation. They actually have to lose the profits they potentially could have made if broadcasted more… broadly. But not all businesses are like that, no sir! Some actually use information on your geography to cash in on you.

We’re talking about companies that sell products or services online and segregate the prices based on the customer’s location. The most infamous examples include flight tickets (where the gap can sometimes reach thousands of dollars) and international sales. Their rationale is basically like “well, people in this neighborhood statistically make more money, so certainly they could pay us more!”. As a result, prices may vary wildly, as you can see in our research of LEGO site fees.

Luckily, the solution for this is quite simple – just turn on VPN and switch to a server that will show the best prices. And don’t forget to delete cookies in your browser to make sure that the website can’t read the IP of your initial entrance.

VPN tip №4. No more time-restricted content

This one is a bit more subtle, yet still can spare you quite a dime. We’re talking about websites that allow to use their services for a limited amount of time. You know them, news resources that let you read their article without AdBlock disabled for only a month, or demo-versions of websites that provide their services for a couple dozen minutes a day. Such attitude really gives away the intent to hook a user up and then make them pay.

Well, their trick can easily be turned back on them. Such websites track users’ IPs to be able to tell how long they’ve been on the site and to disable them timely. Most advanced VPN users can simply change their IP (you guessed it – by switching VPN servers), and suddenly for the machine they look like a completely new person who are free to mind their own business again!

Best VPN tip №5. Set up VPN on router

A lot of netizens know how a VPN can protect their device while using WiFi, but not many know how to secure the WiFi network itself. Which is actually not that complex – just install a VPN to your WiFi router. After that, any traffic from any devices within this network will be secured, with no need to install a VPN separately to each device.

We have a number of manuals covering the setup of VPN to routers for advanced VPN users. Or you could contact our Customer Support with any questions about installing VPN Super to your specific router.

VPN tip №6. Change IP address to get other countries’ perspective

This is the option especially valuable for international businesses. You can’t physically travel to every location where your product is present to check if everything works as intended there. This might include anything from your website’s geo-specific scripts to location-targeted marketing campaigns. Luckily, the ability to change your IP by using different VPN servers once again comes to our aid here.

Best VPN tips

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